Predefined variables

In addition to the builtin variables you would expect in python, the RevitPythonShell adds some special variables to enable access to Autodesk Revit.

Some of these variables can only be understood in the context of implementing IExternalCommand.Execute in the Revit API, so check there if you are not quite sure what to make of a specific variable.

Variable Description
__revit__ A reference to the Autodesk.Revit.Application instance, obtained from the ExternalCommandData aurgument passed to plugins.
__commandData__ The actual ExternalCommandDataargument passed to the RevitPythonShell plugin when you clicked "Open Python Shell" or launched a script from the ribbon. On closing the interactive shell window, the contents of __message__ will be assigned back so Revit has access to it.
__elements__ The ElementSet passed to the RevitPythonShell when you clicked "Open Python Shell" or launched a script from the ribbon.
__result__ This is set to IExternalCommand.Result.Succeeded, but you can change it if you want. When the interactive shell is closed or a script ends, the RevitPythonShell returns the value of this variable as the result of the IExternalCommand.Execute method.
__vars__ This is a IDictionary<string, string> of user defined variables as defined in the configuration file
__uiControlledApplication__ (only for the StartupScript) A reference to the UIControlledApplicationinstance.
__window__ A reference to the current output window. Basically, only __window__.Close() is guaranteed to work, but poke around!
__file__ External scripts and those deployed with RpsAddin support the __file__ builtin - the variable contains the full path to the source file being executed. For scripts that are read from a dll (ExternalCommandAssemblyBuilder / RpsAddin) the absolute path to the dll is used as the base directory of the script path (e.g. 'C:\myfolder\myaddin.dll\')

A script that is invoked as a StartupScript (when Revit is starting up) has access to the UIControlledApplication instance just like regular Revit plugins. You can use this to customize the ribbon for your plugin - this is especially useful when developing self-contained RpsAddins for deployment. See "Using the StartupScript to modify the RibbonPanel" for more information. (FIXME)

Other predefined variables

Depending on the contents of your InitScript, when you open an interactive shell, you will find other variables predefined too. The default InitScript contains these values:

  • the contents of the namespaces Autodesk.Revit.DB, Autodesk.Revit.DB.Architecture, `Autodesk.Revit.DB.Analysis``
  • uidoc: an alias for __revit__.ActiveUIDocument
  • doc: an alias for `revit.ActiveUIDocument.Document
  • selection: an alias for `list(revit.ActiveUIDocument.Selection.Elements)
  • TaskDialog (the class)
  • UIApplication (the class)
  • alert(msg): shortcut for TaskDialog.Show(...)
  • quit(): closes the window

User defined variables (vars)


  • writeable dict

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