Files and Locations

FIXME: move this to an appendix as most people won't care about this!

Create a list of all the files installed with RevitPythonShell. Also, a list of files (generally) created by RPS. Add a glossary for terms used here. Find a canonical way to refer to "canned commands" (external scripts, analog to ExternalCommand)

The RevitPythonShell installer creates the following folders:

  • the application folder
    • defaults to C:\Program Files (x86)\RevitPythonShell2015 on most systems
    • note: the 2015 portion means that this is the version for Autodesk Revit 2015 - other versions will differ accordingly
  • the data folder
    • %APPDATA%\RevitPythonShell2015, with %APPDATA% being a system variable that normally points to the AppData\Roaming subfolder of your user directory.
    • note: you can enter %APPDATA%\RevitPythonShell2015 in the Windows Explorer and you will be taken directly to the correct folder. You can even cd there on the command line!

Also, it adds an addin manifest file to %APPDATA%\Autodesk\Revit\2015 called RevitPythonShell2015 that tells Revit to load the plugin on startup. For more information on this, see the official tutorial on writing plug-ins for Autodesk Revit here: My First Plug-in Training - see the section "Writing an AddIn Manifest" where this is explicitly discussed.

Contents of the Application Folder

The application folder contains the code required to run RevitPythonShell as a

Contents of the Data Folder

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