The RevitPythonShell exposes the Revit API to the Python programming language. And to keep with the spirit of Python, it includes a REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop), the interactive shell that let's you try out code snippets inside a running Autodesk Revit instance! This offers a totally new way to create addins for Revit and Vasari with a more hands-on experience.


  • Python language scripting (IronPython)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • full access to the Revit API
  • export RevitPythonShell scripts as standalone-addins
  • access to the batteries included python standard library as well as the .NET framework - mix the best of both worlds
  • edit + run scripts without restarting Revit

Brainstorming chapters / sections:

  • Callum: Ideas for chapters could include interface creation (I use winforms, but this opens a whole other realm - I find I spend more time coding the interface than I do manipulating the database!), and a whole lot of simple examples (geometry, revisions, sheet manipulation, family placement, family purging/renaming) etc.
  • mention places to learn about Revit API programming (The Building Coder)
  • mention guides to convert c# code to IronPython
  • go through the Revit API examples, translating them
  • Contribute (tell people how to get in contact with bug fixes and new features from the community)
  • including python libraries
  • InitScript with src attribute
  • can we have multiple StartupScripts?
  • interactive non-modal REPL
  • sample scripts from the SDK? go through them one at a time
  • in fact: new goal: every friday, try out some new piece of API and blog it?
  • Close Revit from the API (in StartupScript e.g.)

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